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Nu Cor’s mission and pledge is first and foremost, to SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE OWNER.

Serving the needs of the owner is not limited to the rigors of constructing a building. It is understanding  and embracing the needs, wants and concerns of the owner. It is taking those requirements and finding the proper delivery method that both serves and protects the owner and owners needs.

It is finding the most capable professionals, trade contractors and vendors that are willing and able to also serve the owner.  It is value engineering a project so that the most appropriate materials and equipment is incorporated in the project. It is bringing to the table, the most competitive pricing from the most responsible parties so as to insure the owner receives the best value possible.

It is our OPEN BOOK POLICY that allows the owner to participate in the selection and award of every contract. It is eliminating the unknown profit margin from the project and allowing the owner to make project related decisions based on true value of the work.

It is the EXPERIENCE, INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY that Nu Cor offers that separates us from the rest. It is the daily involvement of the principals of our firm that PERSONALLY see that the delivery method we employ is done so in the most professional of manners so that you, as the owner, can tend to your business while we SERVE YOUR NEEDS and PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS.